For gray and ductile iron inoculation.

The appropriate amount of calcium and barium of Ferro silicon barium alloys react with other elements and form the minimum quantity of liquid slag .Thereby molten iron processing will be easier, and the quality will be more stable and reliable. Barium bearing ferrosilicon inoculants are very effective in minimizing carbide precipitation and its inoculating effects last over prolonged periods: thereby reducing fade of both the inoculant and nodularity in the case of S.G.irons.

Sizes & Packaging

Sizes:           ✪ 0.1-0.5mm. Stream inoculation.   ✪1-3mm.3-8mm. Ladle inoculation.
Packaging:  ✪ 25kg bag in 1mt super sack.          ✪ 1mt in super sack.

FeSiBa268.00-73.00 % 2.00-3.00 %1.00-2.00 %0.80-1.80%full
FeSiBa10 60.00-65.00 % 8.00-10.00 %1.00-1.80 %0.80-1.80 %full