Inoculant and preconditioner for foundry.

Ferro Silicon Zirconium inoculant is ferrosilicon-based alloy containing proper amounts of zirconium. It can be used as inoculant and preconditioner in gray and ductile iron.

Ferro Silicon Zirconium inoculant can reduce chill in areas of the casting which cool more rapidly. The application of this inoculant will refine the graphite shape in thin or heavier sections. It recommended as ladle inoculant and stream inoculant.

High Zirconium and aluminum containing Zirconium ferrosilicon alloys is a powerful preconditioner for gray and ductile iron. Usually it is added into the smelting process of electric furnace or molten iron of cupola. It can improve the inoculation effect and mechanical property by making a stable core for the precipitation and growth of graphite.

Sizes & Packaging

Sizes:           ✪ 0.1-0.5mm. Stream inoculation.   ✪1-3mm.3-8mm. Ladle inoculation.
Packaging:  ✪ 25kg bag in 1mt super sack.          ✪ 1mt in super sack

60.00-68.00 %1.50-2.50 %1.00-2.00 %1.00-1.80 %0.2-6mm _ 2-6mm