For gray and ductile iron inoculation.

Rare earth in Rare Earth Ferro silicon inoculants can neutralize the harmful elements in molten iron. During solidification, the cerium in rare earth will combine with impurities in molten iron and provide effective graphite core for graphite formation. It can be added in ladle or be added with the flowing during foundry, different particle sizes are available for different additive technologies.

Sizes & Packaging

Sizes:           ✪ 0.1-0.5mm.Stream inoculation.   ✪1-3mm.3-8mm Ladle inoculation.
Packaging:  ✪ 25kg bag in 1mt super sack.          ✪ 1mt in super sack.

68.00-70.00 %1.50-2.50 %0.50-2.00 %0.80-1.50 %full