Silicon aluminum calcium inoculant(Al-Ca-FeSi) is ferrosilicon-based alloy which contains a proper amount of barium and calcium, used for gray cast iron and Ductile Cast Iron.

Silicon aluminum calcium inoculant is an extremely potent inoculant for the production of spheroidal grade iron. It will improve the quantity of graphite nodules in ductile iron. It can be quickly melted in high temperature molten iron (thin-walled castings) and low temperature molten iron (thick-walled castings). Different particle sizes are available for different additive technologies.

Sizes & Packaging

Sizes:           ✪ 0.1-0.5mm.Stream inoculation.   ✪1-3mm.3-8mm Ladle inoculation.
Packaging:  ✪ 25kg bag in 1mt super sack.          ✪ 1mt in super sack.


68.00-72.00 %2.00-3.50 %0.50-1.08 %balancefull